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The Lobby Club is an exclusive community that offers extraordinary experiences and personalized luxury to its esteemed members. It provides access to private gala events, captivating art lectures, business meetings, and expert art advice services.

Our commitment to personalized and exclusive experiences truly distinguishes us. We offer unparalleled art experiences, private tours, expert art advice, and a range of benefits designed to exceed your expectations.

As a member, you’ll enjoy access to four private gala events held in exquisite locations annually, captivating art lectures by esteemed individuals, private business meetings, and exclusive access to Tel Aviv's renowned art scene.

As a member, you’ll gain exclusive access to the city’s most prestigious and exclusive art collections, allowing you to immerse yourself in the works of renowned artists and emerging talents who redefine creativity.

The Art Advice Service provides expert consultants who have access to top auctions and private collections. They guide you in selecting high-quality art pieces that match your preferences, helping elevate your collection to new heights.

Yes, as a member, you’ll receive an exclusive NFT art piece each year, enhancing the value of your collection and providing access to cutting-edge digital art.

Our private tours offer privileged access to renowned galleries and art spaces in Tel Aviv. You’ll explore hidden gems and discover celebrated artists that define the contemporary art scene.

Your safety and privacy are of utmost importance. The Lobby Club provides
dedicated personal security services round-the-clock to ensure your protection and peace of mind.

Additional benefits include access to the global application for connecting with
fellow members worldwide, showcasing your business projects through media
partners, and conducting confidential business affairs in a secure setting.

The Lobby Club offers secure and convenient payment options, including traditional forms of payment and cryptocurrency, ensuring fast and hassle-free transactions.

The Lobby Club maintains a strict dress code to uphold an atmosphere of
sophistication and elegance. Familiarize yourself with our guidelines to ensure your attire reflects the exclusivity of the club.

To experience exclusive art and learn more about membership, contact The Lobby Club through our contact page. We’re here to discuss your art interests and provide information about our services and benefits.