“THE L” Art Gallery will celebrate its first and opening exhibition titled “The raft”

The Collector’s Wall will display the canonical artwork “The Raphsody of the Medusa,” while in the gallery space, contemporary renowned artists will exhibit their reactions, thoughts, and actions inspired by this timeless artwork. The outcome will be an installation of well-curated artworks, resembling ship treasures washed ashore, transforming The Gallery into a captivating and immersive experience.

Unity Collection - The Lobby Members Club


During holiday season, The L Gallery will present a harmonious mixture of all three religions. Artists from various regions and perspectives will come together to address the profound concept of “UNITY”

Within the gallery’s space, a small, distinctive utopian oasis will emerge, where art from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam exists in coexistence.

Each artwork will communicate and react to the others, creating a powerful and meaningful dialogue that transcends religious boundaries. This unique environment will foster understanding, appreciation, and celebration of the shared human experience expressed through diverse artistic expressions inspired by the three religions. Visitors to the L Gallery will be immersed in an enriching and enlightening experience, embracing the beauty of interconnectedness in the art world.

The "13/7 " Auction Exhibitions

“The L” art gallery will host quarterly auction based exhibition titled “The 13/7” Auction Exhibitions.

A unique concept that will showcase 13 new contemporary local artworks, alongside 7 timeless artworks from the members’ club collection, which will be made available for auction to a wide audience.

The gallery’s distinctive space, located at the intersection of Ehad Haam 7 and Ahuzat Bait 13, creates an inviting atmosphere for engaging with both local and global modern and contemporary artworks. Visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate a rich blend of artistic expressions, fostering a dynamic interaction between established and emerging artists. 13/7 seeks to provide an enriching art experience that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, drawing art enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to its inspiring exhibitions.

Collections Wall


One wall in the gallery will be dedicated to artworks from the members club collection. the curation of the wall will communicate with the displayed exhibition.


“THE L” art gallery will allocate a section of each exhibition to showcase and promote both local and global video artists. Each exhibition will incorporate
carefully selected, intriguing video works and/or installations that will harmoniously blend with the gallery’s space and the current displayed exhibition.


During each exhibition, “THE L” art gallery will organize a series of content-based events that are related to the subject of the exhibition. These events will include
gallery talks, expert lectures, live performance art, music, and fashion events, all of which will occur within the gallery’s space. These events aim to welcome a diverse audience of art collectors and enthusiasts, encouraging their active participation.

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